Cake Design

One of my highlights! The cake design! I love to decorate cakes with sugar paste.

I always had a passion for art. I always past, ever since I can remember, every moment of life with a piece of paper in my hand, drawing.

I started to create decorated cakes for the birthdays of my children. Now that I’ve started I can not stop me. There is nothing more beautiful than to make a child happy. The moment the child sees their fantasies take shape is a magical moment.

And also we, as adults, deserve a moment of magic in our lives, to see our dreams come true, even if sometimes only in the form of sugar.

The prices listed here are inclusive of small decorations. In case of decorations larger, there will be an increase in price.

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SMALL size
for 6/8 people
Price: 500,- kr
for 12/16 people
Price: 800,- kr
BIG size
For more then 16 people
Price: to be evaluated
Special decorations
Price: price could start from 200,- kr upwards

Cake design for adults

ladybug cake

Cake design for kids


Special decorations for cake and cupcake

decorazione peonia