The Italian tradition: healthy recipes and natural, handmade sweets and handicrafts.

Marketers today would call it mission, we call it passion. The Italian food culture is known worldwide for the delicacies of our land. Homemade with passion has collected and preserved with passion and rigor all the history, culture, personality and intense unchanged, Italian craftsmanship.

In my kitchen I follow with care and attention every step of the way from the recipe that leads to the final result: the unique flavor of sweet handmade.
In the choice of ingredients, only products of the highest quality.

Homemade with passion, born thanks to the many requests from friends and acquaintances. After so, I finally decided to open this website to make it easier to get in touch with me, to all those who wish to buy some of my products.

I imagine that my page will grow little by little. For now we will start with cakes and sweets but I promise we will add other products such as soaps, lip gloss, hand creams (also for the cold Norwegian winter). All strictly home-made from natural materials, and high quality.

I thank you all for your visit and for the support that helped make this real.


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